I love cooking for my family: my husband, Jason and our 2 kids, Harper who is 4 and Calvin who is 2. I am chronicling our meals and recipes for not just myself but also for anyone else who might enjoy them as well!

I’m not saying they are perfect but I do know that we like ’em!

xoxo, Shannon


Update! Now that I’ve been posting for close to a year, I can say that this has been not only fun but worthwhile in recording all my recipes in one place. It’s been nice not having to remember “where did I write that one recipe down and how much chicken stock did I add?”. I love that about this!

Also, having 2 kids makes life busy! Having this place to show off pictures of them makes it so nice to look back and see just exactly what we were doing back then. I love the difference the last year has made in them. They don’t stay little for long and I have place to show how big they have gotten!



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