Thanksgiving Question!

Thanksgiving Question!

These past few weeks have just been crazy, flying by! The kind where I need to put things on my to-do list like: shower and eat. If I don’t write it down, sometimes it doesn’t happen!

I am back-logged with tons of recipes to post that need to be photographed and written down! I can’t wait to share them with you because they are awesome!

In the meantime, I am starting to figure out our Thanksgiving menu. I want to post some of my favorite recipes for this time of year but I wanted to ask you how you feel about the Thanksgiving meal: traditional or updated?

Whether you cook or eat Thanksgiving dinner, do you want the traditional recipes or do you look for new ones or a mix of both?

I really look forward to seeing which one wins out! I am planning on doing some of both.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? I always love the stuffing! Its something I only ever eat that day and the leftovers are just so delicious. They are almost better the next day! YUM!

Here’s a just quick pic of my sweet little guy! I know he’s going to love his first Thanksgiving dinner, he likes to eat everything!

IMG_0400 IMG_0405


This was last year’s Thanksgiving at our friend’s home. It was an amazing spread for 7 adults! Haha! I hope ours will live up to this one because I remember it was all so good!

Thanksgiving '12

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