The First of Many

So here goes! My first post of what I know will be many posts!

Who am I? I am a mother of two, working on raising these munchkins and all that goes with that. I try to get them to eat their veggies (not that hard, most of the time!), and actually have everyone at the table love it too! My hubby is a big-time carnivore, so I try to address that with every dinner as well.

We eat at home mostly because that’s easier with a crazy (but really sweet!) 3 year old and a rambunctious and silly one year old but also because its cheaper, healthier and more convenient overall.

Here will be my reviews and recipes of what we eat. I am not a chef, and have no formal training when it comes to food, but I just love cooking for my family and loved ones. I will tell you what we think of the things that I cook or bake or prepare and what we love about them. If we don’t like it, I promise to not post it but will likely redo it and end up really enjoying it next time! Hopefully, you find something awesome and will make it for your loved ones!


12 thoughts on “The First of Many

  1. I will anxiously await your tried and true recipes, that we all can try and enjoy without formal training or specialty ingredients. Best of luck and enjoy your blogging!

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